3D printer

Nexa3D® XiP

The Nexa3D® XiP is an ultra-fast desktop plastic 3D printer with a build capacity of 4.8L and a small, compact footprint. The Nexa3D® XiP mSLA 3D printer is compatible with a wide range of general-purpose and elastomeric materials thanks to an open material platform that provides flexibility and easy material access.

With a wide range of materials and high productivity, the Nexa3D® printer is ideal for virtually any application. Whether prototyping, series production or dental, Nexa3D® XiP is the perfect 3D printer to print high-resolution parts in the shortest possible time.

Accessories kit

Nexa3D® Accessories kit

Easily remove, cut, and grind supports with the complementary accessory set. The set includes everything you need to get started.

Washing and curing station

Nexa3D® Wash+Cure

Wash and cure everything in one system. The magnetic stirrer ensures uniform cleaning. The rotating base platform ensures evenly cured components.

Air cleaner

Nexa3D® XiP AiR

The Nexa3D® XiP AiR is a Bluetooth-enabled air purifier and filter for the desktop. The included Nexa3D®-specific HEPA filter contains five times the amount of activated carbon normally used to filter out dangerous VOCs and other unwanted odors from the print environment.


The process stability and print consistency of NexaX software makes it easy to scale from prototyping to volume production.

Reduce the risk of errors throughout the 3D printing cycle, from design to production. NexaX 3D printing software provides a total solution for print preparation and printer management.

An intelligent total solution of hardware, software, and chemistry can achieve unprecedented process stability, resulting in consistent product quality.

Nexa3D's automated 3D printing decision support portal "Ximplify" assists customers in design discovery and application. In the shortest possible time, "Ximplify" generates a material recommendation and suggests the best options for implementing their project.


Nexa3D® NexaX Basic

Process stability and print consistency are enabled by NexaX Basic software. NexaX Basic enables mass production of numerous technical and dental applications.

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Nexa3D®NexaX Pro for XiP

NexaX Pro 3D printer software integrates process algorithms with end-to-end workflows and lightning-fast patented slicing algorithms to optimize part manufacturing. Automatic print optimization, part pricing, powerful supports and open parameter sets are just a few of the software features NexaX offers.

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