Powder Handling Station

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Sinterit Powder Handling Station (PHS)

The Sinterit PHS is an efficient post-processing station of 3D printed parts and quickly recovers up to 95% of the unsintered powder during selective laser sintering.

Ahmed Abo Seada Account Manager

The Sinterit Powder Handling Station provides users of the Sinterit Lisa, Lisa PRO, Lisa X, and NILS480 systems with an ergonomic work area that allows easy and clean post-processing and powder recovery.

It can be used with other SLS 3D printing systems and is compatible with Sinterit's ATEX industrial vacuums. The system features a special 3D-printed vacuum inlet for depowering, storage space for various tools, a built-in sieve module and is compatible with Sinterit's standard powder containers.

Technical data:

Suction opening: 40 mm

Powder capacity: 20 liters

Filter type: HEPA


Advanced powder collection system

The cleaning hose, powder chamber, powder separator, powder sieve module, and hopper of the collection system provide maximum powder recovery, allowing you to reuse powder and reduce costs. The Sinterit PHS set also includes two powder chamber grids, two containers, a powder scraper, a tube brush, and nozzles for precise suction and depowering.

Built-in vacuum and sandblasting connections.

The Sinterit ATEX vacuum and sandblasting solutions can be easily connected to the PHS.

Great material compatibility and capacity

The Sinterit PHS has a capacity of 20 l and is compatible with all Sinterit powders. It can be used by both small and large industrial machines.

High-quality components

To ensure that operating costs remain low and no components wear out during use, the Sinterit PHS contains virtually no plastic components.

Data Sheet: Sinterit Powder Handling Station (PHS)

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