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Simply more efficient!

Designed for post-processing of 3D printed parts produced by SLS, MJF, SAF and HSS printing processes in confined spaces. AM Efficiency CCP-10 allows you to get de-powdered, jam-free and clean printed parts.

The most effective method for post-processing and depowdering of parts produced with additive manufacturing technologies such as SLS, MJF, SAF or HSS. AM Efficiency CCP-10 enables the efficient production of high-quality finished parts with excellent repeatability by automating the post-processing process of the parts.

Key features:

- 3-in-1 post-processing

- Smallest footprint

- Large drum

- Fast and versatile

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3-in-1 machine

There is no need to waste space and money on different devices that perform essentially the same function.

1. De-powder the components with the cleaning media and the preset cleaning program.

2. Switch to the "clean and color" blast media to achieve a uniform, beautiful dark gray color on your parts.

3. Switch to the polishing media and start the program to polish the parts until they have a flawless and shiny surface. Surface quality is critical for the most delicate components.

Patented technology

AM Efficiency CCP-10 finishing stations feature a unique patented extraction and separation system. This gives the system a major advantage in several ways, as cleaning powder bed 3D printed parts requires the removal of large amounts of loose powder. Conventional blasting systems are not designed for this task. AM Efficiency CCP-10 allows the powder to be separated directly from the abrasive. This allows the system to guarantee higher reliability and repeatability in production. Separated powder residues can also be better recycled.

Decent booth volume

The AM Efficiency CCP-10 has a booth volume of 440 liters, compared to the AM Efficiency CCP-2 with a booth volume of 990 liters, this post-processing station is smaller but no less effective.

Small, yet powerful

The AM Efficiency CCP-10 has a minimum air pressure of 5 bar, a maximum of 9 bar and an air consumption of less than 300 liters per minute at 6 bar.

Advanced blasting nozzles

With three ionization nozzles that have a simple design, blasting printed parts to achieve the desired result becomes even better.

Advanced touch screen interface

A color LCD screen is provided to start the process, switch between the different programs, and monitor the time to post-process the printed parts.

Automated and PLC controlled

Fully automated cleaning, dyeing and polishing programs. Each program is designed for the most effective workflow. Each program includes a series of blasting, ionization and extraction phases and ensures printed parts are free of static electricity and dust.

Produces less noise

The AM Efficiency CCP-10 has a sound level of 72 dB, making it less noisy than the CCP-2 with a sound level of 77 dB.

Data Sheet: AM Efficiency CCP-10

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