Sandblaster SLS

Dedicated to SLS finishing

Small glass beads and compressed air are used by the sandblaster to remove powder residues from the SLS prints.

Ahmed Abo Seada Account Manager

The XL-format sandblasting booth from manufacturer Sinterit is a versatile option for blasting 3D-printed parts. It can be used for polishing the surface and cleaning tiny details and gaps. 

With the SLS sandblaster, you have the option of working on the object with both hands, using a fixed nozzle or a manual blast gun. All SLS systems are compatible with the Sandblaster, which is specifically designed for post-processing SLS components.

To keep both hands free for part handling, the blast pressure is continuously regulated by a foot switch.

Technical data:

Working area: 675 x 450 x 415mm

Max. Pressure: 72.5 - 125 psi

Max. Abrasive capacity: 10 kg



Even the smallest and most delicate prints are thoroughly cleaned thanks to the gentle pressure regulation. Precision is ensured by the additional hand-held blast gun, and free object rotation is made possible by the wall-mounted blast nozzle. The close-meshed grid prevents small parts from entering the unit and allows working with a wide range of prints.


A larger work area of 675 × 450 x 415 mm compared to the Sinterit Sandblaster. Large prints can be easily and conveniently rotated in the industrial booth during processing. Working with SLS prints from Sinterit SLS 3D printers is made as easy as possible with the help of the entire unit.


The Sinterit Sandblaster SLS is kept in a dust-free environment thanks to HEPA filtration and full sealing, so finishing is also possible without contact with the powder. The ATEX vacuum cleaner is compatible with the Sinterit Sandblaster SLS. The innovative mechanism of the Sandblaster separates the abrasive and the powder, and at the same time removes the particles from the chamber through a special vacuum atmosphere.

Dust-free finishing

HEPA filtration and full sealing provide a dust-free atmosphere around the Sinterit Sandblaster SLS and allow you to rework without contact with the powder.

Data Sheet: Sinterit Sandblaster SLS

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