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Any 3D printed object is first a digital model that has been developed or modified using one or more 3D modeling software. When we say 3D modeling software, we usually mean CAD software. However, the term can also be used to refer to optimization and simulation software, as well as tools for cutting and repairing STL files. In addition, there is software on the market for managing production processes that have nothing to do with modeling. For companies that want to industrialize their production, these software are becoming more and more useful. The 7 main types of software for 3D printing are:

3D Modeling Software

When modeling a part, the user has three options: Solid, Surface or Organic modeling. The final choice of software depends, of course, on the requirements and the rendering that the 3D printed object should receive.

Simulation and optimization software

With the help of these tools, it is possible to determine the ideal material distribution in a given volume within certain limits. In other words, the material is removed when it is not necessary for the proper function of a part. Topology optimization allows for a significant reduction in final weight while maintaining load and resistance limits.

Slicer Software

The 3D model is divided by the slicer into thin digital layers that correspond to the layers of material ejected by the 3D printer. All instructions to the printer are now prepared and transmitted from the slicer.

Repair Software

STL repair software is an important tool for the printing process because it can fix errors that simulation software detects before printing. Some slicers can detect the basic errors in the 3D file, although they may not find everything. Fortunately, there is specialized software that can repair faulty STL files to ensure a successful 3D printing process.

3D Printing Management Tools

If you have a large number of machines in your company or need to control numerous 3D printing jobs in different locations at the same time, 3D printer management solutions are available to optimize processes. To improve user experience and automate industrial processes, these often include remote monitoring, multi-user management, optimized production queue filling or improved machine control.

Design protection software

Protect your data while enabling repeatability and traceability of production. It can be critical to protect certain data, whether it is sensitive or not, and ensure that digital data flows are encrypted. The production line can now be secured with software, from CAD to production.

3D Scanning Software

A scanned object can be used immediately to create a 3D file. There are many scanners available today, but they are either difficult to use or are prohibitively expensive. Applications for 3D scanning are a good substitute. Some of them can be downloaded to a smartphone and allow instant scanning with the camera.

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