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Years of experience in 3D printing

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In-depth expertise

ProductionToGo is your solution provider for industrial 3D printing solutions

As one of the largest specialist dealers for industrial 3D printers in Europe, we are ideally positioned to support you with your 3D printing project!

With our five business units, we can implement your projects in the 3D printing sector:

ProductionToGo GmbH - System integrator for all customers who want to purchase an industrial 3D printer.
PartsToGo GmbH - Production service provider of 3D printed components in all quantities.
Additive Automation GmbH - Fully automated production solutions for a wide range of 3D printers.
Earn A Label GmbH - We support you in bringing your 3D printed product to market.
3Dprinters-store.com - Online shop for consumables, spare parts and accessories.

ProductionToGo is your certified 3D printing reseller for industrial and professional 3D printing solutions in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Our range of hardware and software is complemented by our extensive service offering.

As part of Neck Enterprise Holding, we belong to an innovative group of companies. With a total of approx. 4,500 pallet spaces and approx. 3,500 m² of working space at 4 locations, we are well equipped and can guarantee fast deliveries and response times.

Competence Center in Germany

In our showroom in 76307 Karlsbad, we show you over 25 industrial polymer and metal 3D printers. Here we also validate your 3D printing applications and produce your components.

Comprehensive support

With access to over 30 technicians at four locations in Germany, we can provide you with optimal support, advice and assistance. Benefit from our experience in plastic and metal 3D printing as well as in the field of generative design.

Expert in all 3D printing technologies

Our in-house application team can advise and support you across technologies. We work with all major 3D printing technologies and are therefore able to select the optimal solution for you.


Our mission as a company is to provide 3D printing products and services that are of the highest quality. Punctuality and a competitive prices are our top priorities. Based on our expertise and experience, we always provide expert advice and fast technical customer support. In cooperation with our suppliers and customers, we work on long-term partnerships. Together, we are revolutionizing the way products are made in the future.


Our vision is to become Europe's leading solution provider for 3D printing technologies. We are working towards a new 3D printing driven industry that will enable significant waste and CO2 reductions. We develop 3D printing solutions, implement them in your business and work together to create this future.

The Core Values of ProductionToGo:

Integrity - "Our focus is on openness and transparency."

Customer-centric - "We identify with our customers."

Committed - "We go the extra mile with end-to-end integration of our products into your process."

Driving innovation - "We optimize to achieve sustainable success."

Environment - "We strive for less waste, less inventory and less CO2 emissions."

Leadership - "We lead the way to the industry's new identity."

Fun - "A friendly work environment contributes to high performance."

People - "Every relationship is important to us".

Team - "We believe in our team and invest in employee well-being."

Quality Policy:

Dedication to the customer

Quality is our fundamental approach to achieving the level of customer satisfaction we strive for. Our goal is not only to meet our customers' requirements, but also to exceed their expectations. We meet requirements by working with our customers to determine them. We exceed expectations by providing hardware solutions and consulting expertise along with end-to-end support. We invest in long-term relationships and strive to continuously improve them.

Process approach, business structure and development

At ProductionToGo, we understand the importance of being flexible and having the ability to adapt. Our process driven approach to our business, forms the pillar of our quality management system. Our processes are constantly evaluated, monitored and improved. We value feedback from our customers and this knowledge is incorporated into our process development. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified as of December 21, 2022.

Our promise

ProductionToGo communicates its quality standards and quality objectives to everyone within the company. We ensure that all of our employees work to provide our customers with the highest level of quality possible. ProductionToGo's management team ensures that every employee has been properly trained so that we can provide our customers with an expert that can be relied upon.

Benelux Headquarters & Showroom

Disketteweg 14
1033 NW Amsterdam

DACH Headquarters & Showroom

Reutäckerstraße 7
76307 Karlsbad


Desco-Straße 16
76307 Karlsbad

Service and Sales Office

Schulstraße 13
50859 Köln